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Jiggler Siphon Hose Wonder Pump
The Jiggler Siphon Hose Wonder Pump allows you to transfer litres of liquid in minutes with a simple shake. All you have to do is simply shake the Pump up and down quickly to allow the liquid to flow and the Wonder Pump does all the work after.
The Jiggler Pump is simple, safe and fast and is suitable for siphoning a variety of fluids, including fuel, insecticides, paints and water. There are no suction of mechanised parts.

Sample order

Please email mt1@mail8.mosttrade.com to purchase a sample pack of 5 sizes of Jiggler Siphon Hose Wonder Pump Valves. Each sample pack consists of:
    1 x ½ inch
    1 x ½ inch highflow
    1 x ½ inch USA Model highflow
    1 x ¾ inch
    1 inch
The cost of one sample pack is US$50 dollars, including DHL to most countries. When your accumulated order quantity reaches 5000 pieces, we will refund the US$50 dollars in your next order. 

About the company

Most Trade Ltd is a Hong Kong based Company. We specialize in the manufacturing of Jiggle siphon hose pump. Our production facility is based out of Panyu, Guangzhou.
Please email mt1@mail8mosttrade.com with any inquiries.

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Phone: +86 20 34891570
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